Portfolio Committees

The following committees have been formed;


The Membership and Organizational Development Committee

The membership and Organizational Development Committee is responsible for all administrative duties within NSBE. Amongst many other activities are the following:

  • Develops membership recruitment and retention programs
  • Ensures that all members of NSBE are involved in some program of the organization
  • Develops engagement plans and touch points with membership
  • Consolidate all NSBE programs and communicate same with membership
  • Help create programs for provincial growth and chapter formations
  • Assist in the creation and smooth running of the administrative office of the organization

The Finance Committee

Chaired by the Secretary General of the Organization, the Finance committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Develops finance policy for the organization
  • Develops and monitor budgetary activities within NSBE
  • Create plans and implement fundraising campaigns for the organization
  • Prepare and organize auditing for Annual Financial Statements
  • Explore, implement and manage investments for the organization

NSBE Business and Entrepreneurship Committee

NSBE has realized that the Vision of NSBE which is to “ensure full participation” of the Black Engineers in the mainstream economy should never be realized unless members of NSBE create and own their own companies/corporations. The Business Forum is the unit of NSBE formed to accomplish this task. Amongst the activities of the Business forum are the following activities and responsibilities:

  • Share business opportunities within the forum as and when they arise.
  • Arrange monthly business breakfasts to empower and inspire upcoming entrepreneurs
  • Mentoring and peer incubation of upcoming entrepreneurs
  • Create a business lobby group for NSBE
  • to visit potential funders/people of interest by the end of February 2018
  • Create a crowdfunding platform within NSBE to allow for investment opportunities by March 2018.\

NSBE Professional Development Committee

  • Develop policy for the continuous professional development of the members.
  • Provide guidance and support for the professional registration of members.
  • Arrange training and information sharing sessions
  • Provide opportunities for the members to network

NSBE’s Academic & Research Committee

The role of Engineering as a driver and catalyst for the progress of mankind’s endeavors to improve the quality of life in well accepted. Academia plays the key role of producing high level manpower & knowledge. The participation of Black engineers in PhD programs remains low in South Africa compared to other countries of comparable population size. The main goals of NSBE’s Academic & Research Committee are;

  • To facilitate transformation in tertiary institutions by promoting academia as a career to young graduates
  • To promote interaction between industry and academia
  • To promote interaction between Black Engineers and Academics