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NSBE (SA) promotes and advocates for the training of aspiring engineers, technicians, technologists and artisans to the level of professional registration. This is achieved by bringing all stakeholders together with the aim of imparting skills and necessary knowledge for infrasructure development and economic growth. The role of government and private sector is of utmost importance as NSBE (SA) consolidates the effort from both spheres to equip the communities, with engineering knowledge.The focus is mostly upon the development of black engineers. It seems inevitable that the tides of the struggles that the engineering profession has been subject to are turning into surfing waves. This should not be overstated as it has, in numerous times, been accompanied by racial and political undertones. We strive to field more black and skilled engineers within the engineering sector.

NSBE (SA) purpose is simply to empower the previously marginalised gems of our society by widening the platform which they occupy. We are also shouting with a unique voice which is made up of all spheres of engineering and reverberates throughout all levels of the industry, seeking to address the irregularities and to uphold the integrity that accompanies the profession. The potential to see the change in skills shortage, unemployment of qualified engineers and artisans and shortage of professional engineers lies in the hands of the very victims of this state of affairs. There is a call for black engineers to stand and be counted because the focus is upon them to bridge the engineering skills gap.

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Our new site is designed from the ground up to help you further your business, linking you with engineers from around South Africa and give you Value Added Services as part of your NSBE Membership.

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Armscor is urgently looking for students who need bursaries, they must be studying or interested in engineering with good resultsof course.They can contact; Thembi Siphika



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