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Oct 16 2013

South Africa has long categorised the Engineering skills as scarce skills. It is also no secret that the Black population has not largely explored this field which is further creating a problem in the country with the infrastructure that is also growing. The idea of having Black Engineers in one data base assists in the analysis of how bad the situation is and also creating a forum of accessing the Skills from the Black candidates in order to meet the demands of Employment Equity and Broad- Based Black Economic Empowerment including the Empowerment opportunities for the Black Engineers in South Africa.

The idea of Managing the Career of Engineers will assist South Africa in the Infrastructure Development, Manufacturing and Production Development as well as Maintenance.This will also create space and motivate the upcoming Engineers who will be attracted by the support and promotion of Career Management of Black Engineers. Therefore NSBE has joined forces in this front with TPG Consulting. The link between TPG and NSBE will actually grow the talent and the skill that the country requires in order to meet the infrastructural challenges. This mutual venture is regarded as the Career Management of the NSBE  which will assist in understanding the trends and the demands in order to advice where there is shortage of skills. This will enable growth in skills that are on demand and relevant.

If you are on the market and wish to be considered for exciting job opportunities within the engineering career or you are an employee who is looking for best talent, follow the link to register your details or job vacancies on the job portal.





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Armscor is urgently looking for students who need bursaries, they must be studying or interested in engineering with good resultsof course.They can contact; Thembi Siphika



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